What we do



Original concert productions which bring performing artists closer to you  - even during these difficult times.

Culture is needed now more than ever. Artists need YOU more than ever.

When concert halls are closing, freelancing musicians are lacking the safety net they normally have, leading to potential financial trouble, moreover loss of their greatest purpose: making music for an audience.

We had to find new ways to keep musicians performing. Whether from the artists' living room or from partnering locations - we have created a platform that gives musicians a stage - and you  a concert experience.

With a pay-per-view video platform, you can purchase tickets for your concert of choice. Ticket revenue will split 50/50 with the performers, so that they can keep making music and we can create this for you. Simple as that.


Maria Yulin

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Álfheiður Erla Guðmundsdóttir 

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Niek Baar &
Ben Kim

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Avner Geiger

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Joel von Lerber

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Matan Porat

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